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Data Category Organism Data Source PubMed


C. griseus Genome annotation for C. gricetulus - Brinkrolf et al - PubMed: 23929341
C. griseus Genome annotation for C. gricetulus - Lewis et al - PubMed: 23873082
Chinese hamster ovary - K1 cell line Genome annotation for CHO-K1 cell line - Xu et al - PubMed: 21804562


C. griseus

Protein annotation UniProt - Release 2016_10 UniProt Consortium - PubMed: 17142230

C. griseus

Protein family and domain assignments to proteins InterProVersion 60.0 Mulder et al - PubMed: 17202162


C. griseus

Curated pathway information and the genes involved in them KEGG - Release 80.1 Kanehisa et al - PubMed: 16381885

Different CHO cell lines

Metabolic model - Hefzi, Ang, Hanscho et al - PubMed: 27883890


C. griseus miRNAs from miRBase miRBase - Release 21 Griffiths-Jones et al - PubMed: 16381832


Sequence ontology The Sequence Ontology Project - version 2015-06-22 Sequence Ontology Project - PubMed: 15892872

GO annotations Gene Ontology - releases/version2017-02-10 Gene Ontology Consortium - PubMed: 10802651


C. griseus

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